Equipping Local Churches to Change Lives Through Sports Outreach Ministry

CSRM employs a "4C" strategy.
Church sports outreach is the focus of the CSRM.
 CSRM exists to equip local churches to change lives through Sports Outreach Ministries.
 The CSRM "4C" strategy is: Conferencing; Consulting; Certification; Connections.

CSRM is committed to partner with other ministries to advance the Sports Ministry movement through the local church. A CSRM Ministry Partnership assumes an affinity of focus on the local church and a shared working relationship in one or more projects, serving by providing resources and modeling Christ-like interactions and relationships.
CSRM is looking for partners who can serve the needs of local church sports outreach ministers. The goal is to provide a listing of businesses and ministries which provide services that CSRM Members can use in their ministries. CSRM is committed to doing the screening and research on the companies, ministries and services which provide excellence in all they provide and are committed to upholding Biblical standards in regards to their workforce and the environment. CSRM does this as a service to its members saving them time, energy and finances.
Featured Provider:

Uncharted Waters
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CSRM has a wonderful library of resources that can help all Sports and Recreation Ministers in their ministry. Resources range from articles about current sports minstry themes to books, audio and video to consulting and more. Be sure to check the website often as CSRM is constantly adding to the library of available resources.
Featured Resource:

Video DVD: Biblical Foundations for Sports Ministry
Using any number of metaphors, you can use these colorful balls to introduce athletes to Jesus Christ. The colors of the balls and glove represent the components of the gospel message and make it easier to present the message of salvation. Currently, CSRM has basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, golf balls, and baseball gloves. Clear instructions (including metaphors) for teaching people how to use the balls and glove as well as a stand-alone presentation are supplied with the products.

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