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2014 Super Bowl Breakfast Webcast

Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 1st & 2nd, 2014

Information: Imagine hosting past and present NFL greats in your living room, church auditorium or fellowship hall, as they share their stories of faith. You can make this a reality with the Athletes in Action Super Bowl Breakfast Webcast.

On Jan. 31, 2014, AIA will host its annual Super Bowl Breakfast in New York, an NFL-sanctioned event that features several players and coaches sharing inspiring stories of faith and football. Additionally, the Bart Starr Award will be presented to a current NFL player in recognition of outstanding character on and off the playing field. In years past, you could only experience the breakfast in person. Now, you can bring the highlights of the breakfast to your own venue. 

This webcast is designed to help you create opportunities for outreach to sports fans in your community. With a little planning and coordination, you can use this tool to impact lives for eternity!


By Mark Householder
In the few years that AIA did a simulcast of our annual Super Bowl Breakfast, some believers with a heart for evangelism at a local church near Cincinnati recognized the strong interest in the Super Bowl among non-believers. They decided to host a Saturday morning men’s outreach breakfast and saw nearly 400 men attend. One of those men, a seeker named Phil, responded to the invitation to the event and gave his life to Christ that morning! Phil got plugged into a growth group and really took off in his new life in Christ.
Today, four years later, Phil... (to read more, click here)